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Sarah, treated with Invisalign

I chose the practice after reading all the excellent reviews. I am really pleased with with my smile now as I now have perfectly straight teeth, the service I received couldn’t have been better along with the excellent advice and treatment I received. I would highly recommend having orthodontic treatment, and would recommend Angus Pringle for his advice, treatment and perfect end results.”

Samantha, treated with Invisalign 

Very satisfied with the end result- even better than I imagined. I felt in very good hands with Angus, who structured my plan around what I wanted and thoroughly discussed all options with me. I would happily highly recommend Angus as a trustworthy patient centred dentist who delivers an excellent standard of care. Having braces is not as bad as you think it would be! And it’s well worth doing – don’t put it off, just get started!

Emma, treated with Invisalign 

Overall the treatment was quick and the service was great. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and surprised at how well Invisalign worked. Go for it! I have already recommended a few people to try Invisalign.”

Mia, treated with Invisalign 

I feel really happy about my smile. The service I have received was very good as each stage was explained very clearly. I am much happier with my smile. It is worthwhile if you want a perfect smile!”

Daniel, treated with Invisalign 

Very happy, couldn’t ask for a better service. I smile more and feel more confident and less shy. I wish I had it done years ago. Money well spent.”

Gillian, treated with Invisalign 

The whole experience has been professional & friendly and the result is excellent. I Just feel more confident when smiling and talking to people.”

Victoria, treated with Invisalign

I had train track braces as a teenager and when my teeth crowded up again as an adult I wasn’t keen to have the same treatment to correct my smile. Invisalign treatment was the answer: no-one at work noticed when I got them so I wasn’t self-conscious. I’m so happy with my teeth now, the result is amazing.”

Natalie, treated with Invisalign

I now have a very “cheesy grin” – over the moon with the final result. Fantastic service – Angus was brilliant throughout. My niece said “Aunty you’ve got great teeth! Go for it, you won’t regret it.”      

Rebecca, treated with Invisalign

The service has been outstanding and I am really pleased with the results Fantastic! I would recommend it to anyone who has ever felt self-conscious about their teeth. Do it! It will change your life.”

Tracy, treated with Invisalign

” Lovely friendly service and professional. My smile is now fantastic! Invisalign is so easy and relatively pain free (compared to fixed braces), no hassle. Just go for it!”

Lars, treated with Invisalign

” Great result. Exemplary service – “does what it says on the tin!” Have it done early – well worth the self-investment. Huge personal returns.”

James, treated with Lingual Braces

I was bothered by my lower teeth. I am very happy with the final results and the service was excellent. Orthodontic treatment was a very good choice.” 

Yasmin, treated with Damon Braces

I love my smile now, I am more confident and don’t mind showing my teeth. The service was excellent and Angus always kept me informed about everything he was doing and why he was carrying out the treatment. Don’t wait (if you’re considering having brace treatment), to be able to smile with confidence is a feeling I cannot put into words, apart from “it’s amazing

Emily, treated with Damon Braces

Treatment and service was excellent, over 12 months there was very little discomfort and I am now very proud of the results and am amazed at how quickly the process was. DON’T hesitate just go for it!”

Jonty, treated with Damon Braces

Very pleased with the service and the results. Angus was friendly and not condescending”

Emily, treated with Damon Braces

Amazing! Excellent service and treatment which has been a pleasant experience. I can smile confidently knowing my teeth are no longer crooked. I doesn’t hurt as much as you think it will. Dr Pringle is very good because he explains everything therefore you know whats happening.”

Jonathan, treated with Damon Braces

I have been very pleased with the service and professional & friendly way I have been looked after. I wish I had done this years ago”

Louise, treated with Damon Braces

I saw the results of your patients after seeing you and commenting on your work. I love my smile now and it is exactly how I wanted them to be after speaking to you. Great service. It is well worth it, the outcome is better than I imagined.”

Alex, treated with Damon Braces

Feel much happier about my teeth/smile. Achieved what I wanted. First rate treatment, very thorough and clear explanations of process and what to expect. Go for it! May seem a bite difficult when you are in the middle of it but the reality its really only a short space of time in the big scheme of things. All done, and a great result much faster than you think.”

Kim, treated with Damon Braces

 I was extremely happy with the results I saw when the braces were removed. I was happy with the amount of care and attention Angus put into getting my teeth just right. It can be a long journey but its worth it for the results at the end. “

Christina, treated with Somnowell for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea:

“I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help my snoring. I really appreciate how much care you take in what you are doing. You have always treated me with the utmost respect and I felt it really mattered to you that I got the best I possibly can from the Mandibular device. There is a lot going on at this time of year and it is great to be able to go out without watching the clock because I am so tired and just want to go home to bed. I can sit and have a conversation with my husband in the evening without beginning to nod off!”

David, treated with Somnowell for Snoring:

“I was very self conscious about sleeping at new places; difficult to share a room with my girlfriend. The Somnowell device has been a significant and measurable success. I needed the device with a tight time scale before going away (on holiday), which went really smoothly. I’ve felt very comfortable and well looked after at every stage. I couldn’t recommend the device or the practice highly enough – wish I knew about it years ago. “